This church is filled with people just like you–dealing with the problems of life, but looking for something better. From the weakest to the strongest, we see ourselves as a community taking steps toward God, and believing that He rewards those who look for Him.

Our Mission

“Our Mission is to help people develop a relationship with the Savior that leads to an assurance of salvation and joy in the Christian life. Our desire is to see people spiritually prepared for Christ’s soon return and to equip them to live Christ-centered healing lives in the midst of daily struggle, and help them cope with the demands and stresses in life.”

Our Vision and Values

We express our vision through encouraging the following values:

  • Spiritual mentoring for our children and youth
  • Community involvement through spiritual, medical, and social outreach
  • Worship as a multicultural shared experience
  • Unity in diversity
  • Priesthood of all believers
  • Commitment to discipleship